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M T Dermaroller

Product Code: M T Dermaroller
Availability: In Stock
75 AED 55 AED

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* M T Dermaroller :

Your skin normally stop repairing itself once the outer epidermis layer had healed. This would resulted in pimple scars and pitted holes in your skin. A Derma Rolleris device which stimulate & increases the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin. It can help to improve stretch marks, wrinkles, scars and uneven pitted skin. All these are caused by a lack of collagen while we age. So by using a Derma Roller you can help to replace the collagen and stimulate your skin to renew itself and repair naturally.

What do we use a Derma Roller for:






Skin restoration

Skin Whitening

Improve Wrinkle


Pregnancy lines


Dark sore concavex hole

Improve Alopecia

Improve skin pigmnetation

Collagen induction

Thick wrinkle

Pimple scar

Active ingredient Delivery

Improve wrinkle; eye areas

Improve skin scar

Large pore

Severe decline of elasticity


Improve alopecia

Cellulite treatment




Collagen induction

Skin thickness





Face firming lifting

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